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February 9, 2016|

Hey everybody,
I hope you had a great start into the 2016 season.

I would like to introduce you to my new main partner SQlab.


More than 20 years ago, circa in the end of the 80’s, Toby Hild, SQlab’s founder and I, were riding together Motocross. He was definitely competitive and focused about racing while I did it just for fun beside my real passion, BMX racing.
In 2004, when SQlab was already a name in the cycling industry, we used to have a signature saddle cooperation. The feedback on the product was great and the colors ahead of it’s time. So for the young brand, too. Back then their real focus wasn’t dirt jumping or 4X racing either.
Things are always changing and so do we. When we get older we are focused on what we believe in. Which means, that I can truly say, after many injuries and surgeries, many coached athletes, many ups and downs on the health side, I have the precise feeling to develop ergonomic bicycle parts.
That means that from now on I will be 100% involved in SQlab’s product development.
I’m really looking forward to bring my long experience of anatomy, rehab, riding, racing and coaching (athletes and people in all kind of ages), into a product. I know exactly what it needs to have a better and comfortable time on the bike. To be more precise, it’s not the pain we should feel, it’s the fun and flow of every second without having forearm pump, sore wrists, neck problems or a sore bum. Yes, that’s what sucks. Imagine that you increase your physical problems by using the wrong components while riding your bicycle.
Absolutely the thing we really love most.
I said bicycle and do not mean a specific MTB. It doesn’t matter what kind of bicycle you ride as long as it suits your anatomic conditions. Every product should support you as if it’s made for you.
That’s why I’m back with tons of experience and ideas. Thank you Toby. Thank’s to the whole SQlab team.
Give us a follow and enjoy our performance based ergonomics.
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some pictures of our collaboration back then in 2006


Let me introduce you to some more changes

As you’ve probably seen I’m back on Royal Racing gear. After this brand got bought from some bean counters, they got bought back from it’s former owners. So I’m back on the program, as well. Thank you Martin, thank you Cosmic Sports for the spirit. Additional I’m happy to get protected with 7iDP and shocked by Cane Creek Cycling Components.
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Dragon Alliance Europe will be my new sport glasses and goggle partner from now on. Check their beautiful products on their social media accounts:
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If you’re missing a frame partner, you are right. There is none. I’ll be open to all brands especially for tests and honest statements. Even if they suck.
There is also an phenomenal idea in the pipeline for the new highlight clip of the BIKE Magazin Festivals that I’ll be hosting soon. So stay in touch for more.

Mission Wales
In November 2015 I went to my good old friend Se Bkm to do some test laps with the new products. I also took a closer look to some parts I’ve never used before. Honestly, I got surprised.
This was one of my main go working closer with SQlab again in the future. Here some shots of the trailcenter in Llandegla and the most pictured watch after Big Ben in Chester.

Bike Camp La Palma with the Sportschule Puch and Magic Bike La Palma
Earlier than expected we went again to the ‘isla bonita’ for a week of riding. In this case we were a good mixture of cultures. A south american from Argentina, two swiss guys and a bunch of bavarians in one crew? haha, it was so much fun. We had definitely a very special mtb camp. If you don’t believe me, ask the crew. Thank you guys, you made my week very special.


Cosmic Sports Fat Ride Nights will be on soon
We will organize the Fat Ride Nights soon in Fürth to shred in the Fürther Stadtwald. For further information please follow me on: Facebook
If you think a fatbike is useless or a trendy way to ride?
You are wrong. It’s a different kind of riding, especially on snow. It’s also a good training on your hometrail even it has no snow. I’m enjoying the rigid version of the fatty and I work on my smooth skills in the off-season. Thank you Cosmic Sports for the purple haze Salsa Beargrease.

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talk soon and stay in touch.




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